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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 3 Scoop: Who Is On Mona’s ‘A’ Team?

Janel Parrish gives us the scoop on Mona’s twisted behavior in season three: Is Mona responsible for Maya’s death, and who else is she working with?

The big “A” reveal at the end of Pretty Little Liarssecond season may have answered the series’ biggest question, but it also raised a ton of new ones! Season three will take viewers into Mona’s psyche, Janel Parrish recently told that other reporters on the Rosewood set, and we’ll soon know whether Mona’s been working for someone — or if she’s the one calling the shots.

“I think that is the question: Is there an A-Team?” Janel teased. “Season 3 will delve into that. … There will be shockers coming up!”

When asked about a potential connection between this “A-Team” and the death of Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) girlfriend Maya (Bianca Lawson), Janel said that’s “being explored right now.”

And don’t hold your breath for the girls to forgive and forget what Mona did to them. Their mutual hate

“I think [their friendship] will be never saved, and I hope that it isn’t,” Janel admitted. “Mona is a strong, smart character; the hatred she has for Hanna is what fuels her. I think, as a character, that it’s important [those traits] stays strong and true!”

Based on Mona and Hanna’s first season three scene together, I’d say that hate isn’t going anywhere.

“Hannah wants some answers and some closure,” Janel explained. “She feels betrayed. … Hannah comes in and screams and throws a chair — so that will happen. It will be a little intense.”

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