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‘Pretty Little Liars’ are back to square A (It Happened That Night)

A lot has changed since we last saw our favorite Pretty Little Liars. Emily, grief-stricken over Maya’s death, developed a drinking problem; Hanna and Aria both got haircuts; and Spencer is looking shadier than usual.

Yet it seems the girls have learned nothing since Alison went missing at their last Labor Day-weekend slumber party. Seriously, whose idea was it to light candles and sip cocktails at Spencer’s for the night?

With Mona locked up in a psychiatric ward, and a summer free from A’s threats, the girls were probably eager to bask in their invulnerability. However, A was simply taking a few months off – a summer vacation, if you will. Like, say, a teacher (cough cough, I still think Fitz is one of the “A’s.”)

But I digress.

The third season opened with an unsettling development. Someone dug up Alison’s grave and attempted to pin the deed on the PLLs by taking advantage of Emily’s inebriated state. She was somehow transported to the graveyard and handed a shovel, but she couldn’t remember how she got there. (Side note: What the heck was she drinking?)

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Em regained awareness when the girls called her from Spencer’s house. (Interestingly, Spencer was the only one awake when Aria and Hanna woke up to find Emily missing. Sounds familiar, Spence.)

After burning Emily’s clothes in the Hastings fireplace, the girls head to Spencer’s lake house – a.k.a. devise an alibi.

Back in Rosewood, Hanna (under the alias, Miss Rivers) visited Mona in the looney bin. She wanted answers, but ended up spending the entire time watching Mona stare off into space. On her next visit, however, Mona began creepily smiling at the empty chair behind Hanna’s seat. It turns out Alison’s ghost was in the room the whole time.

So, can Mona see dead people? How much does Wren have to do with this?

In the school bathroom, Aria saw someone wearing a black hoodie outside the stall. In what I anticipated to be an extremely frightening event, Aria screamed for help, ABC Family cut to commercial, and that was pretty much it.

Spencer, the shade-ball that she is, has been spending time at the creepy motel from last season. Sitting at a desk in the middle of the empty room, she tried to recreate A’s lair – black hoodies over there, photos on that wall, etc.

Sick of ignoring calls from an unknown number, she answered her cell phone. The call eventually led her to the jail where Garrett is locked up. He said he didn’t kill Maya, but he might know who killed Alison. When Spencer said she refused to ask her mom (the lawyer) to represent him, he said he knows who took Alison’s body. Is he bluffing?

Later, Spencer took the girls to the motel where she’s been working to show them what she remembered. After hearing their car alarm sound, they rushed outside to find hundreds of pictures of them at Ali’s grave the night her body went missing. So much for that airtight alibi, ladies.

“Mona played with dolls. I play with body parts. Game on b*****s.” –A

What did you think of last night’s episode?

Food for thought:

Alison’s ghost was wearing red when Mona saw her. Could she be the woman in red from the season 2 finale?

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