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PLL The Perfectionists Episode 3

PLL: The Perfectionists : Episode 3″…If One of Them is Dead”

PLL: The Perfectionists :  Episode 3 “…If One of Them is Dead”  is Directed by Geary McLeod and written by Charlie Craig which aired on April 3, 2019.

Alison along with Caitlin, Dylan, and Ava get started putting the facts with their alibi jointly. While trying to learn information about Nolan’s murder Mona is locked out of Beacon Guard’s system. During course, Mason needs Nolan’s former chair which brings about an altercation between Mason and Ava. Ava operates out of category and Caitlin tries to capture up to her. Caitlin is interrupted and questioned by Dana. Mona learns that the dubious activity on her behalf account originated from a unitary source and she assumes that someone is wanting to structure her. Ava admits to Caitlin and Dylan that the night time Nolan passed away she used him out to a strange cabin in the woods. The three of these go to the cabin and commence searching it. They are simply interrupted by Alison and Ava instructs her that the night time Nolan perished she used him out there and that he satisfied a blonde girl who looked just like Alison. Alison goes to Mona and says Mona her theory of Taylor being alive.


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