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Since the breakthrough of the internet to society and access to technology arena in almost any part of the world, it has made it possible for family entertainment to be catered online, without the worry of driving home early so as to catch up with any series aired on local TV show such as “Pretty Little Liars episode” perhaps once ...

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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 5 – That Girl Is Poison – Press Release


Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 5 That Girl Is Poison : JENNA THROWS A PARTY TO DIE FOR IN AN ALL NEW EPISODE OF “PRETTY LITTLE LIARS,” AIRING TUESDAY, JULY 10TH AT 8:00 PM ET/PT ON ABC FAMILY Burbank, CA (June 13, 2012) – Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer think Jenna’s birthday party could be the perfect setting for ...

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Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 6: The Remains of the ‘A’

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS - "To Plea or Not To Plea" - The girls scramble for evidence as Alison contemplates a plea deal that would incriminate one of the PLLs in “To Plea Or Not To Plea,” an all-new episode of ABC Family’s hit original series “Pretty Little Liars,” premiering Tuesday, March 3rd (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT).  (ABC Family/Eric McCandless)

AIRING DATE: July 10, 2012 We never get tired of stalking A and the Liars on the television series, so don’t forget to watch Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 6 online. This time, let’s talk about the newest ‘it’ girl in Rosewood High after Alison’s sad demise. Hanna. Once called Hefty Hanna before she suffered bouts of bulimia. Hanna ...

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